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Wedding of Nikky & Avi

MJCF is a non-partisan organisation providing support across the entire Jewish Community of Melbourne regardless of affiliation.

For over 50 years the Melbourne Jewish Charity Fund (MJCF) has worked to address poverty within the Melbourne Jewish Community.

The Melbourne Jewish Charity Fund is the largest provider of non-aged welfare to the Melbourne Jewish Community. We distribute more than $2.1m annually to those in need.

We work directly with those in-need, to improve life opportunities, reduce homelessness, vulnerability and restore dignity into peoples lives.

The services we offer include Accommodation and Rental Assistance, Food Vouchers, Medical Expenses, Children's Shoe Vouchers, Basic living Needs & Jewish Festival Assistance.


  • $468,800 was provided to 74 families who received housing security thanks to our rental assistance program.

  • $374,236 in vouchers was provided to 167 families who gained regular food security, ensuring they can shop with dignity thanks to our Coles voucher program.

  • $25,000 in vouchers was provided to 297 children who had the opportunity to purchase new shoes thanks to our Children’s Shoe Voucher program.

  • $613,534 was provided to 317 families who were able to purchase clothing and the basic supplies required to celebrate the Jewish Festivals with dignity.

  • $170,105 was provided to 57 families who received funding for medical emergencies and ongoing treatment.

  • $385,001 was provided to 91 families who received funding for basic living needs. This is general support covering bills, maintenance, car expenses and any other living needs.

  • $101,487 was provided to ensure all clients receive Counselling/Social Work on intake

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