For over 50 years the Melbourne Jewish Community Charity Fund (MJCF) has worked to address poverty within the Melbourne Jewish Community. We are a grassroots volunteer-run organisation. We work directly with those in-need, to improve life opportunities, reduce homelessness, vulnerability and restore dignity into peoples lives.

MJCF's purpose is to relieve the suffering and helplessness which poverty brings, addressing immediate financial crisis while also developing long-term solutions. MJCF provides clients with access to a range of services including social-worker/counselling, vocational-training, addiction recovery programs, camp scholarships, material-aid, shelter, healthcare/medicine, food and clothing, financial-planning, mobility services, referrals and practical support. We work in partnership with the community to improve quality of living and opportunities for those in need .

In 2013 we provided more than $1.3m of assistance, including more than $450,000 in rental and utility bill assistance. More than $240,000 was provided to families for food purchases and over $150,000 for other living expenses.

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