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You Have Changed My Life

In this letter I would like to express my gratitude to you personally and to MJCF. 

I would like to thank you for being the first contact and a representative of MJCF. You personally have changed my life from the moment we met. You listened carefully, you gave me support, understanding and reassurances that my children and I will get help we needed and we will be ok. I was scared, stressed and lost hope because of the domestic violence I experienced.  I felt lost and embarrassed to ask for help. You were the one who told me that it is better to ask for help than suffer in silence. You inspired me to become an advocate for domestic violence survivors. 

Then it was 9 years of on-going support from MJCF to my family. 9 years of life support. It was the hardest time of my life filled with the distress of Family Court battles, mental breakdowns and challenges to survive. During all these years I received emails and the phone calls from MJCF to check up on me: how I was doing, whether the support I received was sufficient. I appreciated it so much because I felt care and support at the times I most needed it. 

Because of the support I received I was able to withstand all the challenges and get back on my feet. My children grew up appreciating help which, in turn, made them understand the importance of being charitable. I became a business person who helps and supports victims of domestic violence.


Thank you again for your support.


To the wonderful organization MJCF, From the depth of our hearts we would like to thank you for your financial support before Pesach. We do realize that in these turbulent times it is more challenging to raise funds, and there may be less to distribute. However you helped us out very generously. Wishing all your generous donors and their families, your staff and volunteers a chag kosher ve’sameach. May you only have health, prosperity and continued success.

Our Deepest Appreciation

Just received our vouchers and I just wanted to say how grateful we are for the additional help! It has made a huge difference for us especially in light of the huge increase in the price of groceries…we so appreciate all your help. With deepest appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you so much

I hope you and all your family and all the other families involved with MJCF, both the workers and beneficiaries are safe and in good health.

I just want to thank you all at MJCF for your kindness, generosity and sensitivity. You all work so hard for our community and have made such an incredible difference to so many families.

Preparing for Yom Tov was so much easier and less stressful because of your timely and generous assistance.

Thank you so much for your continued help with my mortgage. It really makes an incredible difference to the financial pressure I would be under as I have been unable to work for the past 2 years.

Wishing you all continued success in good health, and the strength to continue your great work. Our community is enriched and empowered and incredibly blessed to have the security of your support and assistance in these difficult times. 

Keep safe and well and have a good Yom tov !

Thank you for your support

I cannot thank you enough for your support during an incredibly difficult time for our family.

The financial assistance you gave us to help cover nursing and feeding program costs for our daughter battling anorexia helped pave the way for her recovery. We are so grateful to be able to let you know that our daughter is now completely recovered and back at school, where she is excelling in her studies.

Please accept our heartfelt thank you for your support - it literally saved our daughters life.

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