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Shelter: MJCF's accommodation and rent assistance program

Many of MJCF's clients struggle to meet the very basic living needs, including: rent, food, medical expenses and utilities. . 

Shelter is the single largest and exponentially growing need. . This is due to the significant increase in the cost of accommodation. Only five years ago our annual spend on accommodation was approximately $80,000 per annum. This has now increased almost six-fold to in excess of $450,000.  

In the last financial year alone, we assisted more than 70 families, including many single mothers, to keep a roof over their heads. We are proud that and in many instances, this program has helped to combat homelessness and has literally saved families from eviction.

"We would like to join our parents, in thanking you most sincerely for the prompt and generous assistance you have given them in their time of need. Your kind consideration and warm, nonintrusive manner in handling their situation during a time of immense stress is greatly appreciated."

A. B.

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